Our founding partners

Back in 2017, we had the foundations of a great show, a wonderful ensemble, and a lot of enthusiasm, but we needed some support to develop our debut work, By a Thread, to the professional tour-ready level.  


Several generous friends of the company came on board as founding partners of By a Thread, donating to fund a creative development of the piece. Without these, our Friends Of One Fell Swoop, the adventures of seven acrobats and 30 metres of rope would not have been possible, and we are incredibly grateful. 

Since then others have joined our group of friends supporting our other projects such as Sensory Decadence. 

All are listed here, with sincere gratitude. 

Chris and Alison Morgan                                 Katharine and Bill Ranken                            Andrew and Carolyn Young

Simon Le Plastrier                                           Tracy Margieson and Tony Smith                 Patricia Nicholson

Marnie and Mick O'Bryan                                Angus and Fiona Mcleay                                Win Leslie

Federick Aurios                                                David and Alison Whalley                              Bev and Ken Morgan

Robert and Catherine Young                           Jack O'Connor                                                 Catherine Nicholson

Robyn Lack                                                       Kathryn Stanford                                            Grant Cleary

Barbara Hey-Cunningham                              Allison Whalley                                               Saunders Family